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Jun 3rd, 2005, 07:11 PM
A while ago I was watching a car care tv show. The expert said that synthetic polymer wax can damage your paint. He said that polymer waxes bond to the clear coat. When the wax gets hot and expands the polymer does not expand at the same rate as the cleat coat. This can cause small cracks in the clear coat. He said that the constant expanding and contraction of the paint and wax will shorten the life of your clear coat and the life of your paint. I am wondering if this claim has any merit. I am interested in the NXT gen wax but am holding off till I can get some answers on this question. Perhaps Mike Phillips or some of the other staff can help with this question. Thanks for your replies in advance!


Mike Phillips
Jun 3rd, 2005, 07:34 PM
Hi nightsight,

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All I can say is... Wow!, where do they get these guys? Just goes to show, anyone can be a guru once their 100 miles away from home...

If we just look at this from simple terms, there is no way something you pour out of a bottle, is going to form a stronger bond, or exert more force of the the paint that was sprayed and the baked on at the factory.

Also, remember that wax, whether natural or synthetic is a sacrificial barrier coating that is meant to wear away. Its purpose besides making paint look good is to take the brunt of an attack and give up itself.

Meguiar's has been making waxes for over 50 years, we have unique relationships with both car manufactures and paint manufactures. If what this person claims is true, then where is the proof? Where are all the failed paint finishes? Where is the warning from car manufactures and paint manufactures.

Don't believe it.

If you want your car's paint to look good, then you're going to want to maintain it on a regular basis using quality products from a name you can trust.

Tim Lingor
Jun 4th, 2005, 05:22 AM
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I totally agree with Mike!! :iagree:

Some of these "keyboard comandos" should really be held accountable for their outlandish statements! :rolleyes: You must be very careful with what you read on the net. There are many "so called experts" out there on the net, giving detailing advice. Look at some of the detailing sites; many people talk a lot but have you ever seen any of their work? Me either! I have used Meguiar's products for well over 20 years and always will! Moreover, obtaining advice from a REAL Detailing Guru, Mike Phillips, is the only way to go. Mike is a close personal friend of mine, and I can say this with total honesty, I do not know anyone that is more talented and knowledgeable in detailing than Mike Phillips!

Just my $.02


Jun 4th, 2005, 05:50 AM
A polymer forms a molecular bond to the clear coat, that clear coat is usually a polyethylene or similar, they are both very similar to each other in that they are polymers, it may well be that their thermal expansion / contraction properties are slightly different but were talking about micro differences that would not make any difference to either polymer.

That polymers expand and if not protected will allow water (acid rain and etc) to compromise the clear coat and cause fissures (cracking) I do not doubt. Strange how most myths have some truth (albeit very little) to them

Jun 4th, 2005, 06:00 AM
Thanks for the info guys. That is what I thought. But it can never hurt to be carefull.