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Nick Winn
Jun 27th, 2016, 12:07 PM
Our project car for this Saturday Class was this 2015 Chevrolet Sonic LTZ Turbo


We wiped off the dust with our Quik Detailer & had the class attendants feel the paint for any bonded contaminants and indeed it was pretty rough.


Danny Hernandez of Meguiar's Customer Care Center explains how to use a clay bar





Next we evaluated with different lighting sources for any defects in the paint. It was full or swirls & Random Isolated Deep Scratches





A quick lesson in how to use remove & install the backing plate on our MT300


We started with Ultimate Compound on DFC5 at 5800 OPM with our MT300, 3 passes for each section, vertical overlapping 50%, horizontal overlapping 50%, and again vertical overlapping 50%, with moderate to heavy pressure


This combination knocked out all the swirls, but we now all noticed that there was some pretty deep scratches left behind.



These random deep scratches came up better on camera without a bright light source. If you look at the reflection on the florescent ceiling lights, these are the RIDS we were left with.



After a second attempt at applying Ultimate Compound, we stepped up to our DA Microfiber Correction Compound on a DMC5 to see if this combination would remove the defects to our satisfaction.


This combination corrected this particular car to about 90%.


With all of us wanting more, we moved up to our M100 Pro Speed Compound applied with a separate DMC5 5 Inch DA Microfiber Cutting Disc. M100 Pro Speed Compound is a significant step above our D300 DA Correction Compound in cut. We could have either our M105 Ultra Cut Compound, M101 Foam Cut Compound, and M100 Pro Speed as they all offer similar cut, but M100 tends to work quite well on our microfiber discs.


This combination met our satisfaction by removing all the swirls along with the random deep scratches in 1 attempt per section, with 3 passes. M100 Pro Speed applied with our MT300 DA on a DMC5, 5800 OPM, 3 passes in each section. It should be noted this is quite an aggressive combination! This is what worked for this particular car's paint and the severity of defects it had. It should be noted that if this car did not have a bunch of random deep scratches, Ultimate Compound applied with a DFC5 on our MT300 would have been all we needed.


There was one particular scratch that was deeper than all, which everyone wondered if we could get out. We are now moving into doing more of a "spot repair" so I explained to the group because we are focusing all of our energy into a small area, we need to adjust our technique.



We were only working in this vertical 5 inch wide or so section to address a pretty deep scratch, so we explained to the group to use the same technique when compounding larger areas, but to do less section passes at a time to avoid excess heat build up.


Now the class attendants got a chance to try out the machine.




With the compound step complete, we used M205 Ultra Finishing Polish to remove the haze & further refine the paint, bringing up a high gloss, preparing the paint for wax protection.



With chose to stay with our Pro Mirror Glaze & Pro Detailer Line & applied a coat of our M21 Synthetic Sealant 2.0 as our Last Step Product.


All set! Thanks to everyone for a great class!




Jun 27th, 2016, 08:46 PM
Great result and good job educating the attendees on the varying nuances of correction work Nick!

Mr. Slick
Jul 5th, 2016, 01:22 PM
One of these days I gotta make it over there just to try the MT300 out.