View Full Version : Boat polishing questions

Sep 25th, 2016, 02:41 AM
So, it is word about freshly "gel-coated" boat.
Gel coat is sanded up to P2000 sandpaper and now it needs high shine polishing job.
I have MT310 DA machine together with DFC, DFP and DFF 6" pads.
My questio is can I use same aproach with M105 and M205 pastes as I am used to do on cars or I must use Marine polishing pastes - I was thinking about 91 and 45.


Nick Winn
Sep 26th, 2016, 08:18 AM
Hi ARTB155,

Our MT300 DA Polisher is likely not going to be the most effective at removing 2000 grit sanding marks out of a gel coat surface. Yes, you can use 105 & 205 on gel coat of fiberglass surfaces, but gel Coat & fiberglass surfaces are much thicker & harder than automotive paint. Our Marine/RV Line of products are formulated specifically around these different characteristics to perform better & be easier to use. We would recommend our #91 Power Cut Compound applied on a rotary buffer, with a wool pad to remove the sanding scratches. It would be best to follow with our #67 Marine/RV One Step Compound, to further refine the finish, before applying a coat of wax.

Hope this helps! - Nick