View Full Version : List of Meguiars products with cleaning properties

Oct 27th, 2016, 08:11 PM
Hi All
Im trying to start a thread that lists all Meguiars products that have cleaning properties and tend to remove last layer applied (wax, sealant, carnuba wax, spray/quick wax....etc) whether consumer or professional grade products
sorry if someone else started similar thread. I thought this is a useful topic given the fact the increasing interest in "topping" waxes on sealants, glazes...etc, it's important to know what NOT to put to prevent removing precious work/material.
Heres my list, please feel free to add to this (this is list is preliminary to get the thread started)

1.ultimate compound - high cleaning abilities
2. Pre wax glaze - high cleaning abilities
3. Gold class carnuba ( does it have cleaners? ) pls correct me if I'm wrong
4. Sealant # 21 mirror glaze synthetic ? ( same as above? , correct me)