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Nick Winn
Jun 28th, 2017, 07:11 AM
Pictures from Meguiar's June 24th, 2017 Intro to Wet Sanding & Rotary Polishing Class

Meguiar's Garage offers 4 "Introduction to Wet Sanding & Rotary Polishing" Classes a year. Students can expect to learn the following:

Proper Preparation & Expectations for using Automotive Sanding & Rotary Polishing Techniques
Information on Automotive Abrasive Sanding Products including Meguiar's Professional UNIGRIT Sanding Blocks, Meguiar's Professional UNIGRIT Finishing Papers, & Meguiar's Professional UNIGRIT Foam Finishing Discs.
Information on proper use of Meguiar's Professional Mirror Glaze Compounds
Recent Changes in Abrasive Technology
Information on proper use of Meguiar's Professional Mirror Glaze Polishes
Information on proper use of Meguiar's Professional Soft Buff Pad & Disc Options, Proper Pad Maintenance
Basic Hand Sanding Techniques
Basic Machine Sanding Techniques
Basic Rotary Polisher Techniques

After great discussion in the training room, we stepped out into the garage for some demonstration from Mike Stoops.




First up is information on proper hand sanding. Here Mike uses our E7200 Sanding Backing Pad along with Meguiar's Unigrit 1000 grit Finishing Paper.



Tight, overlapping motions, with plenty of water.




Below shows improper technique on the left, and proper on the right. On the left, too large of overlaps (if none at all) were used, leaving the repair area with an uneven appearance. On the right is the results of tight overlapping motions, a much more even appearance.


Next was information on approaching edges/curves.


Below demonstrates improper motions for approaching the end of this panel. If you follow the direction of the lines, you can see the uneven appearance and even spots which were missed completely.


Below is an image of a curve in the hood properly sanded.


If you look closely in the below image, you can see the reflection of the panel on the left has much more gloss. This is the results of refining our hand sanding marks up to 3000 grit. This will allow for much easier removal.


Next we demonstrate proper machine sanding, using a pneumatic DA Sander.


Machine sanding in general is less aggressive than hand sanding, and provides more even sanding marks.


It is time to remove the sanding marks and today we used our M100 Pro Speed Compound applied via wool pad & rotary polisher. Here mike shows where the bead of product should be picked up.


After the compound step, M205 Ultra Finishing Polish is used to further refine the paint, removing any swirls left from the wool pad, and bringing up a higher gloss to the paint.


Now it was time to allow the students to test their skills. This group did extremely well in all areas of the practice portion of the class, hand sanding, DA Sanding, & rotary polishing.

Below we can see tight overlapping motions when hand sanding.




We utilize painted hoods & panels to practice wet sanding & rotary polishing. If you sand or burn through the paint, it's only on a demo panel, and not an actual car!






Thanks to everyone for coming out and making the day a very fun class! Feel free to contact me or post any questions.

Jul 5th, 2017, 09:03 PM
This instructional class was awesome!! Thank you so much Mr. Mike Stoops and Mr. Nick Winn!!!!

Nick Winn
Jul 6th, 2017, 06:37 AM
This instructional class was awesome!! Thank you so much Mr. Mike Stoops and Mr. Nick Winn!!!!

Thank you and you are very welcome!