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Nov 1st, 2018, 05:51 PM
I have a brand new 2016 31 ft travel trailer. I say its still brand new because it has spent all its time at the dealership and has never been used. With that said it has been sitting outside for the last two years. Considering all the problems we had with it I doubt that the factory or dealer ever washed or waxed it. It doesn't appear to have any oxidation, which is a surprise since all the metal is rusting and has been since it was 6 months old (manufacter said that our problem. Sorry another place for those comments) I want to care for it with the best stuff I can. Meguiars is what I consider to be the best. So I want to know if I picked out the right products or if anyone has any other suggestion.
Wash: flagship wash and wax
Polish m197
Wax m6332 or should have I gotten
M6316? Is one better than the other?
I believe I read some where not to put wax on decals and to use flagship detailer m9424 or should it be flagship quick wax m14016 is one better than then other?
Can I put polish on the decals?
Is that the correct order to put the items on?
What pads etc are needed?
Hopefully will get some type of tool. I do believe we have a orbital. I understand with this size trailer I would would probably need a tool to get it done this year. Lol.
What I am looking to do is, clean, shine and most of all protect.
I also read some where about gel coat drying out how do I tell if mine is drying out. I guess it could be due to lack of care, and because everything else is messed up with rust and leaking.
All help is appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

Dec 1st, 2018, 06:46 PM
Welcome to the wonderful world of camper ownership. They are enjoyable but can certainly be a pain. We have a 2016 fiberglass camper we bought new also. I would almost guarantee the dealer has likely not washed it and certainly no wax. I use Meguiars gold class wash on mine and I use one of the super soft bristled wash brooms on mine. I have never had to polish my whole camper as I started waxing immediately. I use the Meguiars RV and Marine pure wax on mine with excellent results. I have used it over the decals and all applying it wish just a foam applicator and later buffing by hand with a microfiber towel.

i did have to buff one very small scratch out of the clear coat using the Meguiars DA drill attachment with yellow pad and ultimate polish. Might be better using a polish out of the Marine line of products but I had the other on hand. I would maybe try something for oxidation removal before polishing the whole thing but definitely do any gel coat correction before applying wax. The secret to keeping the gel coat nice is keeping it washed and waxed. It’s work now but it will be way more work if it oxidizes.

On a side note, check your roof seems and especially the caulking. It will weather and crack regardless of use. Make sure to use a good self leveling caulk and no silicone on the roof.

Sep 11th, 2019, 06:03 AM
Thank you so much for your response