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Jul 28th, 2019, 08:16 PM
I am hopefully buying a boat next weekend from a friend of mine. The boat has been sitting covered, outside, for the past two years. I plan on using CLR and a magic eraser on the interior vinyl to clean up the seats. As for the outside, I'm wondering what would serve me better. I've been looking at the Meguiar's M4965 Fiberglass Restoration System and the Meguiar's M6385 New Boat Owner's Essentials Box. I haven't seen the boat in person yet, but I don't think it's too awfully bad.

How aggressive is the Marine/RV Gel Wash for removing lake scum? Would I potentially be better served using something like the Meguiar's M77132 Heavy Oxidation Scrub to clean the boat with instead of the Marine Gel Wash? The boat has a fair amount of mildew on the interior fiberglass surfaces where water has pooled in a couple of spots.

Also, any suggestions for the interior handles. They have discolored to a darker brown color along with the rim of the steering wheel. I'm really hoping I can restore these without having to replace them.

Thank you!

Nick Winn
Jul 31st, 2019, 06:57 AM
M77132 Heavy Duty Oxidation Scrub is a revolutionary product IMO for helping restore oxidized fiberglass/gel coat boats & rvs. That said, it is used on an as needed basis to address heavy oxidation. Although, it does make for a great non skid cleaner as well. M54 Marine/RV Gel Wash is a great wash, but it is pH balanced & mild, more for maintenance washes.

Regarding Interior Handles, APC & a stiff bristled brush is what I would do.

If the boat is in need of a good cleaning/compounding, I tend to prefer our M67 One Step Compound. It is a bit more aggressive than M49, but allows you to skip a step since it is rich in polishing oils & conditioners. In most cases you can go M67 straight to Flagship Premium Marine Wax.

If you have not seen already, check out the below boat we worked on:

Pictures from Meguiar's May 12th, 2018 Marine/RV Care 101 Class (https://meguiarsonline.com/forums/showthread.php?66606-Pictures-from-Meguiar-s-May-12th-2018-Marine-RV-Care-101-Class)

I would recommend posting some pictures so we can see what you are working with.