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May 7th, 2020, 08:08 PM
Paint has a little oxidation so used polishing compound of another brand then followed up with a cleaner wax, doing by hand, turned out decent, has a shine now but doubt I’m using right products or the correct method, need some guidance, thank you.

May 8th, 2020, 07:11 AM
Well, its not a bad start...

There are lots of new products out there, and some that combine steps... but if you really want to detail it, these are the general ideas:

1. Wash - good soap, gentle mitt or sponge
2. Clay - claying removes surface contamination... also can do a tar remover, etc if needed. Though I tend to use the tar remover before washing.
3. Clean/Polish - Something like the Ultimate Polish would do these steps well and gently.
4. Wax - Lots of options... Ultimate Wax is a good one, the Hybrid Ceramic Wax is starting to be available... be sure to apply them very thin.
5. Wax - Two coats is recomended

1. Wash
2. Clay
3. Cleaner/Wax - You can use something like the 3-in-1 Wax to combine a few steps and save time if you like, and still get good results.
4. Wax - Optional, but a coat of a regular wax like the Ult. Wax or Hybrid Ceramic is a good finish.

Thats a starting idea, and you can see where your current product fit in....

May 8th, 2020, 08:43 AM
Appreciate you, I’ve done all the white on top half of boat with compound and cleaner, going to find a wax today to go ahead and finish that part for now, headed to lake tomorrow so want to at least get wax on it, still have a lot to do, thinking about getting electric polisher haven’t figured out what type, orbital or what.

thanks again

May 8th, 2020, 08:48 AM
Ahh, I missed that we were in the boat section....

Still have the same sort of ideas... people generally wont clay a boat, but still have some sort of decontamination step.

The products I mentioned were in the car section. But the same ideas apply in the Marine line products... either a cleaner/polish then wax, or cleaner/wax.

Generally boat products will be too harsh for a car finish.


May 8th, 2020, 09:36 AM
Yea yr right, same ideas apply but sure some would argue that, this is the first wax job for my boat since I got it a year ago, so oxidation is mild on the white and blue on sides somewhat, I’m feeling like I need a little more aggressive remover, the cleaner polish I’m using if I go over it twice it looks better than just once but still leaves some swirls then I’ll go over those Again and that usually gets rid of them, arms are feeling it lol.
Does wax hide swirls or help remove them?
Guess I’ll find out this evening, I’m not expecting a deep mirror like finish on this particular job but would be nice.
Like anything Learn as you go.
And now I also have the task of picking a wax with what my stores have, yea I will get online but need it today.

May 8th, 2020, 10:10 AM
If it is just a wax, it will just hide them at best...

You would likely want the oxidation or compounds in the Meguiars line for actual swirl/scratch removal.

I havent used the boat products myself...

May 8th, 2020, 10:57 AM
I’m using a light to mild polishing compound, wonder if I use a heavy duty cleaner if it would clean it a bit more to leave a better finish? Opinion?
guess I might go with the meguires gold wax, seeing others like Ceramic wax but what do I know, not much lol.

May 8th, 2020, 11:49 AM
Heavier will certainly clean better if you need it. Sometimes needs a follow up with a milder product if you want a perfect finish....

Any wax will be helpfull... the marine ones are certainly designed to be immersed in water more..

May 8th, 2020, 12:17 PM
Yea I’m sure yr right about the marine waxes, I’m probably chasing my tail right now but that’s how it is right now not going with marine products.
So I found meguires products, Ultimate compound, Ultimate polish & Ultimate wax,

Thinking go with the compound then use the cleaner polish I have then use the Ultimate wax? Their Ultimate polish says to use prior to wax. Wonder if my Cleaner polish is the same thing. And of course their 800 hotline for questions is unavailable right now.

May 8th, 2020, 12:32 PM
Oh yea you already said those steps, just thinking maybe their compound is better than what I’m using.

May 8th, 2020, 06:11 PM
Well I waxed her with the Ultimate Wax, looks good not great, it’s shining not very much depth and that’s what I was expecting but compared to what it looked like 12 hrs ago it’s nice. I’m sure my prep work wasn’t correct, I know i need to take a different approach.

thanks murr1525 for yr input appreciate it, it inspired me to just do it, glad I did.

May 9th, 2020, 03:26 PM
Lighter colors usually will shine more than get depth... but still look good.

If nothing else, work got easier for next time. Just check for the stronger Meguiars cleaners, or more specialized products for when ready to go a bit deeper.

And can work on the minor details in between, like metal, rubber, flooring etc...

May 9th, 2020, 08:16 PM
I forget about using YouTube, so saw some things last night that were helpful, so yes I’ll definitely get some marine products, I have an orbital polisher I’ve had forever, but these guys were using the other type of buffer machine not orbital. Lol so I have to educate myself on what type of pads do what.

So is applying 2 coats of wax better than just 1? Or does that second cancel out the first?
amazing seeing vids these guys do a boat oxidized pretty bad and with using a cutting agent or polishing compound (whatever you call it) then a wax and turns out like new.

Old Bear
May 9th, 2020, 09:38 PM
Possibly some info in this video.

or here

May 10th, 2020, 06:40 PM
Possibly some info in this video.

or here


May 25th, 2020, 06:35 PM
so got back to polishing boat, by hand that is, got a heavy duty rubbing compound that works better than other I had then Megs cleaner wax then Ultimate Wax, WOW, it’s looking so much better, very nice shine and depth on both colors white and blue, doing research on type of pads to use for buffer, I have an orbital so I dug it out so will be getting some pads soon but until then it’s elbow grease. Will probably end up trying marine specific products but one thing they say they’ll hold up to salt water well, so boat isn’t in salt water ever so makes me hesitate a bit but still reading up on the whole aspect of it all, trial and error, see how well these products hold up, I’ll use up what i have then look into marine type. My boat is 30yrs old and paint is in pretty good condition.

Jun 2nd, 2020, 08:19 PM
Final Update,
so after the sloooow “by hand” process with very little progress picked up a rotary buffer, tried my old orbital, said forget this, so also got a foam cutting pad and foam finish pad. The results are outstanding!! I used Megs 2 fine cut cleaner followed by a cleaner wax (paste) then finished with Ultimate wax. Just the top of boat that gets all the sun is white and dull like a matte finish, I’m sure it was glossy at one time, was able to bring it out some but was afraid to go with high rpm’s but sure I’ll try a small part to see what happens, the side of boat is like a mirror now just not sure how high of rpm’s to use, might come out little better with higher rpm’s. I didn’t use rotary to apply or remove final wax, did it by hand, not sure If applying and removing wax with machine is better than by hand, still trying to figure that out, but I’m on my way to a shining boat, I appreciate the help on forum.

Old Bear
Jun 3rd, 2020, 07:33 PM
Glad it is working out for you.