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Aug 6th, 2005, 03:01 AM
First off, I would like to say that this is my first new thread. I finially signed up after lurking on the message board for quite some time now.

I'm car crazy just like the rest of you out there, I can sit there and clean my car for an entire day and still not be happy with my results because of one thing: DUST.

I can vacuum and completely dress the interior and try and **** the particals out of the air with the vacuum, and still wake up in the morning and hop in the car and see dust floating in the air in the cockpit. This really bothers me, since I'm so nuts.

My question to everyone is: Is there anything I can do? Has anyone tried those plug-in car Ionic Breezes? Any extra steps I should take before vacuuming to avoid the spreading of dust?

Aug 6th, 2005, 03:13 AM
one thing find is that a lot of dirt and dust can get pushed it to the fabric of seats. every time you get in or out your pushing the dust back in the air. even with a good vac, my work truck can keep a ton of dirt. hit the seat with a slap and just watch the dust go up. If this is the case for you I suggest a shampooing of the seats as well as the carpet and this could help slove your problem and make regular maintenance alittle easier.
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Aug 6th, 2005, 03:41 AM
Well...the car's brand new so maybe I should just get a stronger shop vac? I have like a 3hp one, maybe I'll go get the 6hp model.

Aug 6th, 2005, 03:54 AM
try smacking the seat once and see what comes up (firm but not hard)

Tim Lingor
Aug 10th, 2005, 04:17 PM

I agree with 2000. Even though the car is new, the manufacturer most likely has many many seats ready to be installed at the factory. As such, dust can enter the material. I would suggest cleaning the seats and using the Shop Vac to **** up as much dirt ladden moisture as possible. Another source could be your carpet or even your AC vents. But to be very honest, I really doubt you will eliminate all of the dust floating in the cab. It is in the air. As soon as you open the door, more dust from the air, your clothes etc will now be placed in your car. You can do a lot to reduce it, but I do not believe it can be totally eliminated.


Larry A
Aug 10th, 2005, 04:28 PM
Get a brush and brush the seats and carpets before vacuuming. That seems to work for me.