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Jeff Smith
Sep 11th, 2005, 07:43 AM
I've been outside doing up the Ex-Wife's new Tacoma with the G-100 for my first effort at using it. Very pleases with the results.

Started yesterday morning. She has had it for three months and never washed/waxed it. I told her to run it through the local power washer type car wash to get the gunk off of it before we got started. It helped but it was still so dirty when you rubbed your hand on the finish, when you looked at your hand it was still black.

Anywho, did 2 NXT washes. the first just 2 see what we were dealing with. Had to do some serious bug removal. There were several scratches but all were deep enough that my fingernail got caught up in them so I defered on those.

After the washed came the #80 with the PC. Man what a difference. She took it down the street to pick up lunch at Popeye's and already started getting the compliments. She brought it back and we went ahead and used the QD to get the dust off off it and then applied the NXT viz the PC.

As soon as I should her how to go about removing the Wax, I was not sure which was brighter, the shine or the glossed over look in here eyes. She was proud of her truck again.

Today we applied the 2nd Coat of NXT after a Speed Detail. Did up all the Rubber, Vinyl, Glass & Plastic Tires & wheel with all the Meg's NXT & Gold class line products.

I don't have any pics to offer up as my camera is loaned out to my mother.

I want to thank all of you who were able to offer the help and suggestions. That G-100 sure does the trick. Especially when you have the confidence factor built in from having received the advice of the folks who contribute here. Thanks much.

Oh, BTW, as soon as we got done she asked where she could pick up some Meg's products. I steered her to several local retailers then we sat down at the PC and went to Auto Detailing Solutions and She order about $320 worth of products, including the G-100.

Now for a quick question. I am no pro and rather enjoy detailing and don;t mind helping others out and letting them use my products/gear (at least for the first time until I can recommend some stuff to them). Anyway, I found that even though the G-100 was great I would like another Polisher to have around to help with. I'd like to go with the Cordless, just for some verstility. Also I can keep this in the Car with me and break it out when convienient.

Anyway, my question is; has anyone came accross any package deals like the ones Auto Detailing Solutions has for the G-100? It's seems a tad cheaper to get these sort of package deals.

Hehe. be back later. now helping my mothers boyfriend on his Silerado.

Mike Phillips
Sep 11th, 2005, 07:54 AM
Originally posted by j333_76484
Anyway, my question is; has anyone came across any package deals like the ones Auto Detailing Solutions has for the G-100? It's seems a tad cheaper to get these sort of package deals.

Thanks for sharing this success story with our forum! :bigups

I can't remember if there have been an package deals for the cordless polisher at Meguiar's and don't think Rick carries this tool.

You might check www.meguiars.com

Have fun! :)

Jeff Smith
Sep 11th, 2005, 08:12 AM
Will do Mike,

I just wants to kick out my comments and thanks before starting the Silverado.

I simply showed the Wife how to use the PC and let her go. Then provided tips on each step. Doing the same now with the mother's boyfriend. He is on it now. Can't wait to see his impression once we start pulling the wax off.

Already have the Meg's website and AutoDeatiling's up on other PCs as I am sure once we are done he'll be asking a few questions and wanting some goodies. He is already working the PC like a pro. Heck I have had it for 3-4 days and have not even done my own ride with it yet. Gaining a little experience with it on other folks cars first. Good thing I guess.

I'll snoop around for a package deal for a bit. Won't waste to much time on it. If the cordless can handle the same pads/bonnets as the G-100 I'll likely just get the unit itself and a backing plate as I already have about 8 different pads and bonnets and more on order. I'll check into that.

Thanks again.