View Full Version : Rotary whooped me!...

Sep 18th, 2005, 09:11 AM
I did a Mercedes ML 350 Yesterday that was scratched almost the whole way down on BOTH SIDES top to bottom. The paint appeared to be fairly hard as the W7006/#84/rotary combo took a while to take the scratches down. (I don't own a wool pad! :wall: )

I'm very sore today as I usually only use the rotary for "tough" spots as I'm not that skilled with it! I used it the whole way down both sides of the car and the front. Twice if you count the #83 after the #84.

I didn't get very good pics because the sun was not out and it rained on and off all day.:mad:

I'll get the ones I took posted later when I have more time.

Tim Lingor
Sep 18th, 2005, 09:30 AM

Using the rotary is not as easy as it sometimes looks! But in time and a little practcie, you will be able to do a whole vehicle completing several steps with the rotary fairly easily. :)

I usually go over the entire vehicle (if its scratched etc) with #83 and the rotary, followed by #80 and the rotary. If the paint is soft or easily scratches, I will follow this with #82 with the DA, and then top it with 2 coats of #21.

The REAL work begins when you have to do a buff out after wet sanding! That usually adds a 1-2 more steps with the rotary!! Those are the ones my back really feels the next day!!!