View Full Version : Swirl Marks

Sep 26th, 2005, 10:34 PM
Dear Lads n lasses,

I have a Volvo V70 2.4SE 5 cylinder and its great, love it.

However, its Ash Gold Pearl Metallic (champagne colour really) and even though it looks great, those f*****g swirl marks from the factory/dealer buffer/ploshers are still there.

I dont want to use scratch X as that is hard work and didnt seem to remove them on a test patch I did.

You really see the swirl marks at night under street lights or certain sunlight in late afternoon.

Will the stage 3 system, pull the **** outa my paintwork, give ita base, ploish, wax and protect and reduce or even eliminate swirl marks?

I have been an Autoglym follower for years and its a great polish but will not get rid of those annoying marks all over! I can live with the swirls on doors but with it being an estate the roof and bonnet look terrible. Its only 3 years old too and the dealer said its one of those things!

Help me pleeeeaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


Neil:( :(