View Full Version : DA Polishing with #80/#83

Oct 23rd, 2005, 02:21 AM
I am fairly new on using the DA Polisher and one of the things I have read and seems somewhat confusing here on MOL (at least to me) is knowing when to STOP from over polishing (#80/#83) the product too dry. It seems to be somewhat of a knack (experience in time) knowing when you have maximized the polishes potential.

So, this is what I do and of course, please jump in here if I am all wet (no pun intended) on the subject.

I have read that you’re supposed to see the consistency of the polish change while working your 16�X16� area. Of course from experience over time, this should make this easier for the common polisher to realize it and when to stop polishing. So, while I am trying to gain that experience, I perform a swipe test with my finger when I first start polishing the area to first get a feel of how thick the product is when I first started and continue working the product and perform a re-swipe test every 30-45 seconds thereafter. At a point, you will feel and see from the swipe test that the polish is starting to thicken up on you and when it gets to a certain thickness (somewhere between butter/margarine and peanut butter); I stop and wipe the polish off to check my results on my finish. Ultimately, we are trying to prevent from over polishing the product dry on our paint.