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Oct 23rd, 2005, 07:12 AM
Well I collected my PC7424 last week and ordered a couple of extra pads, #80 Speed Glaze and a few other things from Meguiars online (UK). Speed Glaze hasnt arrived yet (after 5 days) but i got 3 Sonus Pads and SFX-1 and SFX-2 locally and couldnt wait to get started on my car. :D

The process:

Wash with Megs Soft Wash Gel.
Dry with Megs WW Drying Towel.
SFX-2 on white Sonus Pad at 2.5
DC Polish by PC again another white Sonus Pad at 2.5
GC Liquid Wax on Sonus Blue Pad at 2.5.
Both removed with Megs ultimate wipe.

And Megs Tyre Shine of course.

Here are the results:



Fantastic gloss and attracted lots of envious looks when i later drove round town:xyxthumbs but when i put the car in the garage i noticed that scratches that were invisible outside are still present especially on the roof and bonnet :confused:

I think the reason is that perhaps i needed to do more passes with the PC, apply more pressure or turn up the speed - guess first time nerves got the better of me :(. I could have tried the stronger SFX-1 but not being a Megs product i'm not familiar with the best way to use it and was a little concerned as my paint is so soft!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks folks


Oct 26th, 2005, 12:03 PM
Hi Robb,

Cracking job that Robb........you must have gotten the last of the decent weather eh

My first attempt went from this: -


To this: -


And a reflection shot: -


I can also see very small scratches but I was using #80 at seed 4.5 I then used #21 at 4 and finally #26 also at 4 I then removed #26 with a W-7006 pad with GC MF bonnet over.


Oct 27th, 2005, 02:55 AM
Cheers Bryan

Your Signum is looking good, seems your using too much speed and me not enough :D


Oct 27th, 2005, 03:10 AM
Originally posted by Rob66
Cheers Bryan

Your Signum is looking good, seems your using too much speed and me not enough :D


Yeah you're probably rite there Robb :D although you're car looks better than mine at the mo.............I'll put that down to the cramped conditions I was workig in not to mention the por light.........although I do have a swirl finder........a cracking piece fo kit they are, same as the ones shown in a thread on MOL yeah?


PS when I was using the pC I found it more comfortable to use when I was wearing the close fitting light weight leather gloves I have, they just cut down the vibration a good bit :xyxthumbs