Here are a few advertising tips that are worth remembering.

The best returns for your advertising efforts will come from your ability to give someone the opportunity to discover your business. That is what advertising is all about. It is about all of the things you do to allow someone to discover your business. You know your advertising efforts are working when a new customer feels good about discovering your detailing business. That feeling of discovery goes a long way in establishing a good customer.


The seven basic components of a good print advertisement.

1– Stop the prospect.

2– Hold the prospect.

3– Create buying desire.

4– Prove the price is right.

5– Prove it a bargain.

6– Make it easy to take action.

7– Give the prospect reasons to take action now.

It is very interesting how you can apply these basic components to almost all print advertisements. There is really no reason why someone 'can not' put together their own print advertisement.

When you stop and think about it, there are plenty of examples of good print advertisements just about everywhere. All someone has to do is study them carefully to get a good idea of what basic components are necessary.