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    Question leaving wax on

    I am travelling long distance this Christmas. The front of the car will be splattered with bugs. Wondering if on the front I left wax on for the week of country travelling to help protect paint. Is there a reason not to do that??

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    You dont want to leave the wax on hazed for days. Meguiars waxes dont usualy stain easily if left on too long, but I wouldnt want to risk it, esp not that long.

    If you put on a fresh coat, and wipe it off, you should have a nice slick surface left behind. The biggest thing is to wash them off as soon as possible. Perhaps you can take some wash solution and towles with you.

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    I second Murr's advice... don't do it. As Mike has pointed out many times on this forum, the purpose of wax is to act as a sacrificial barrier for the paint. While wax won't protect against potential rock chips and things of that nature, if prepped and applied correctly, it should create a surface that makes it easier for bugs to be removed. Just carry towels and a quick detailer on the road with you to help keep it clean, and wipe off the bugs as soon as you can.

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    Oh come on, guys, it won't hurt anything to leave unbuffed wax on there. Did your paint ever get ruined when you missed a spot when you were bufffing? Or when you got some lodged around an emblem or in a crack? It may be a little tough to get off after a while, but some solvent or DC1 should take it right off.

    Glowes3, if you can live with the appearance, I would do it. Just make sure you wash it thoroughly before you attempt to buff off the residue.

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