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    ADS Feedback

    Not sure if this is the right place, but I just wanted to post how pleasant my buying experience with Rick was over at ADS.

    He's extremely helpful and replies to e-mails usually within minutes, not to mention very professional. I received about 6 samples from ADS, and everything was packaged neatly and nothing broke or spilled during transit. I was $30 short of getting the Meguiars decal and duffel bag, and I wasn't paying PayPal, and he sent the invoice, and I paid though e-mail. Nothing was missing, except one backordered item.

    I'd just like to give Rick at ADS another thumbs up!

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    isn't he a member of this fourm i think his accounti is "hotspot"

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    I'd also like to get Rick and ADS props, as he went WAY out of his way for me. He made the extra step to get UPS to hold the package at their facility as compared to dropping it off at my house, so products don't end up freezing while I'm gone.

    Rick also helped thoroughly with specifying which and what products to use with the DA! I can't wait for my stuff!

    to Rick and ADS!

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