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    Thumbs up NXT on a Black Santa Fe

    I have used 4* UPP and Poorboy's EX on this vehicle. Of the two, I'd give the nod to EX - a rich, dark appearance. That is until I tried NXT.

    With temperatures in the 40's I had the car washed at the local Shell station. I proceeded to wipe down with PB S&W to make sure the surface was clean.

    Next was a work-up with High Temp"s Light Cut to address the micro marring that accumulated on the finish. Two coats of NXT followed with a 24 hour separation of application.

    Now while there is an element of (From Finnain's Rainbow) "While I'm not near the girl I love, I love the girl I'm near," The NXT finish trumps any that I have used beforehand.

    It is difficult to describe and impossible to capture in a photograph, but the finish has, I think, real depth. It isn't shiny like a mirror (a reflection of the Sun still blinds) but, instead, has a "RICH" look to it.

    The LOOK, plus the ease of application and removal and the filling of those last, micro-marring blemishes, makes me a true fan of this product.

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    Hi Gadfly,

    Interesting combination of products used, but best of all is your final result. Sounds like the results your produced are the same type I have been producing using the NXT as my LSP.

    Is there anyway you can post a picture?

    Mike Phillips
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