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    wheel washing tool

    Feel free to move this if it's not tip-worthy. I don't like brushes on my nice wheels, though I use them on the other cars.

    But for my nice wheels I prefer something gentler and safer. So what I use is chenile-wrapped sponges as they hold a lot of water, you can see if the dirt is building up, and they rinse pretty well. Plus I have a lot that are in nice shape that I no longer use on paint (since discovering sheepskin).

    But a big sponge is a pain to work around a wheel, so what I do is cut them in half. You can sew them up or just hold them together with your hand. It's much easier to use on a wheel that way, and I like it. Just thought I'd share.
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    Re: wheel washing tool

    I use the same sponges for the wheels on my Lightning, I don't cut mine in half but I do like the idea, it would make it easier getting in the smaller areas. Like you said they hold lots of water kind of washing the grime away. Now if I clean wheels with lots of little details I reach for the wheel brush.

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    Until the Meguiar's Versa-Angle Wheel Face Brush came out, I never used a brush as they always seemed to leave marring. But to be very honest, I just love the Meguiar's Wheel Face Brush...no marring at all! It gets into all the crevices, holds a lot of water/soap solution and does it all without marring! But before the Meguiar's brush, I used a dedicated wash mitt for the wheels. I will have to dig out a chenile sponge to give it a try.


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    I use the Versa Angle Tire Brush on the wheel's and the chenile on the rim's.

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