Pro chemicals vs. DIY chemicals
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Thread: Pro chemicals vs. DIY chemicals

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    Pro chemicals vs. DIY chemicals

    My question is basic...

    Does Meguiar's offer a professional line of chemicals that isnt otherwise offered to the general public ?

    Ive been kicking around the idea of starting my own business and using exclusively Meguiar's...however, my concern is, will the customer think im just nothing more then a glorified carwash who uses products that they themselves can get and use for a fraction of what im charging?

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    We offer products like you're looking for in both our Professional Line and our Detailer Line.

    Look here...
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    All of Meguiars Products are available to anyone... though many people wont have heard of the Meguiars Proffesional or Detailer line products.

    Buying in bulk from the Pro- and Detailer Lines is what will save you money, either on your own, or as a business.

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    I don't think you would be taken less serious when using Meguiar's products. I use a combination of consumer, professional and detailer products to get to the end result. The end result is what counts.
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    As a professional you're selling service, not products. Customers are paying for your knowledge, expertise and hard work. Nobody sits down in a restaurant and says "Hey, I can buy the same meat, vegetables, pots and pans that chef is using, lets get out of here!" Your customers aren't going to either.

    If you were to show up with a load of gimmicky products, cheesy tools and ratty towels they may think you're a hack but in that case they'll find somebody else for the job.

    What you need are high quality, efficient and effective products that will allow you to get the job done well and get it done profitably. That's exactly what Meguiar's Mirror Glaze and Detailer professional lines are all about.

    When you show up with quality products that are organized efficiently and execute your tasks with skill and care your customers will be impressed, satisfied and happy to call you back next time.


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    if your customers know anything about megs , they will be happy with the products your using,i always let my customers know iam using megs because i consider them the best and thats what i want my customers to have on their vehicles.
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