Music fans - help me hit 10k
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Thread: Music fans - help me hit 10k

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    Music fans - help me hit 10k

    Hey music fans help me close the final 400 plays needed to hit the 10k bar. I am currently less than 400 plays away from the mark with my Funky Monkey GarageBand tune. Have a listen or download and help me clear the bar.

    Play Funky Monkey

    Download Funky Monkey

    So ok this is a bit off topic but music is like detailing, I find both are fun and there is no monetary gain in it for me. Just a challenge. Think if it like of like music to detail by and my tunes are free.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Done and done.

    It's funky alright...that's a compliment.

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    I LOVE IT !!!....that's the kind of music I love to detail to....nice !!!...thanks for sharing !...good luck hitting 10K
    Bill Poirier
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    i like it!

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