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    Log in problems

    I placed an order last month and have been shopping on line for a few years. All of a sudden I cannot log on. Will not take password, you e-mail it to me and it never works. What's up? Please help, I need my Meguiars.

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    Hi prostock53,

    Just to clarify, you're talking about your customer account on www.meguiars.com?


    If so, I'll have someone from Customer Care contact you.
    Mike Phillips
    Office: 800-869-3011 x206
    "Find something you like and use it often"

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    We apologize for any inconvenience this issue might of caused. If you wish to place an order feel free to contact at me at the number below. I'd be more than happy to enter it for you and answer any technical questions you might have.

    Thank you for choosing Meguiar's


    Jorge Sanchez

    Meguiar's Inc.

    Surface Care Specialist

    800-854-8073 ext. 126


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