ok over the weekend attending my nephews 1st birthday, one of my mums friends put a big plate of food on my boot, and then sliding the plate taking it off!
i was majorly pissed after that happened!

so left it for a day, and attacked it this morning.
i ran my fingernail over the scratches, and you could feel them.

the car was dirty, but i did not want to wash the whole car
so i opted for quik detailer and a microfibre to clean the scratched area..
i really should get a proper spot cleaner (im thinking #425)
then tried removing them with scratch-x

got to try out my new lights i bought yesterday too

here is pics after quik detailer and wiped down.. pictures arent the best, but you can spot the big circular scratches

now here are some passes of scratch-x

alot of elbow grease, alhtought hte pictures dont really show it well

some more passes, had it slightly going away

slowly going

after i removed what i could... i ran my fingernail over the scratches i could see again, and it was smooth, so they were fine scratches, that i will remove later when i get my cutting supplies hopefully by the end of this week.
before wax, still noticable scratches

here is 2 passes of NXT (they fill in some of the scratches)

and here it is topped with #16

i also took the time to clean and wax the underside of the bonnet.. waxed with DC carnauba wax

cant wait for my new products to arrive, as ill do a full detail, and get rid of those scratches thoroughly...

thanks for looking