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    direct sunlight

    Why do some of Mequiar products suggest best to use out of direct sunlight or in the shade?

    Can you use them outside on overcast days?

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    Just from my experience:

    If you apply Paint Cleaners or Polish in direct sunlight, they will dry faster and become a pain to remove.

    I'm sure you can apply when it's overcast, but I still use the canopy to avoid dust/other particles floating onto my finish.
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    As Magic said, applying in direct sunlight dries products out faster, either making them hard to remove or hard to apply.

    Remember, it isnt just air temperature that is important. Even on a mild day, in direct sun, you cars metal parts can get quite warm.

    Similarly, you might be able to work on a black car in direct sun in November in PA, but you would be crazy to work on a white car outside in the sun anytime in Southern California.

    It is all about how the surface is reacting.
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