Plastic Fantastic kudos to Mike!
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Thread: Plastic Fantastic kudos to Mike!

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    Plastic Fantastic kudos to Mike!

    Great to see you at the 2004 Plastic Fantastic, Mike!

    I wanted to give you a big thumbs up for effort, especially after putting in a full day on Saturday with the Viper group and then another full day in San Diego for us Vette guys.

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    Thanks FNC80,

    The Plastic Fantastic was an awesome show! I would like to return next year only this time as a participant!

    It's hard to believe I was able to compound the hood of that Corvette plugged into a converter running off the Corvette's battery, that was impressive.

    Are you going to attend the CorvetteForum day at Meguiar’s in August?

    CorvetteForum Detail Day at Meguiar's



    Thanks for lunch! (I was having a hard time getting away from the booth)
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