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  • Last Touch

    106 22.89%
  • Quik Detailer

    158 34.13%
  • NXT Generation™ Speed Detailer

    89 19.22%
  • Final Inspection

    63 13.61%
  • One that i might have forgotten

    47 10.15%
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Thread: Favorite detailing spray

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    Re: Favorite detailing spray

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Stoops View Post
    Last Touch Foam Detailer

    Not only my favorite detailing spray but maybe my favorite Meguiar's product overall. I love the foaming action, I love how slick the finish feels after using it.

    foaming!!? do you use a foaming trigger ? thats cool!!

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    Re: Favorite detailing spray

    Bumping this thread....Ultimate Quik Detailer FTW.

    After my wash and dry (assuming the car was waxed recently)....spray on, wipe off as per instructions, and leave the car overnight (I remember reading somewhere that UQD sets better when it's given time to sit on the paint???)

    Man, IMHO, I think UQD beads even better than UQW. UQD is probably my fav Megs product.

    NXT Speed Det. is nice as well.

    The "basic" (maroon bottle) QD I'm not a fan of......mainly because of the smell. Relegated to claying duty only.

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