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    Meguiar's Deep Crystal System

    Hey Guys...

    I just recently was recommended to use the Meguiar's Deep Crystal System. Its the 3 Step (3 Bottle) Polish/Wax system. I happen to live in an area that does not get shaded very much and always has the sun beaming on everything. I was wondering what would happen if I was to use this product on my car in direct sunlight?

    Any information would be very helpful =) Thanks alot.

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    My guess is that if your car is in the sun and the surface is hot, the product will dry out much quicker as you work them in and you won't get the full benefits of the products. Plus, if DC1 and DC2 dry on the car, they can be difficult to remove.

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    Fair enough explaination. I may just wait for a cooler day to do this. One last question, should I leave each step on the vehicle surface for a certain period of time, or is it just Rub in, wipe off type of application?

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    Why not wash your car after the sun goes down or is setting?
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    It is not so much direct sunlight, but surface temperature.

    Products like cleaners and polishes should not dry, or else they will be hard to use/remove.

    If you are in the sunlight, but it is cooo, then no big deal. If it is kind of warm, then you will have to reduce your work area.

    Maybe you could do a whole side of the car then remove in cool weather. In the sun, it might only be 1 or 2 feet at a time.
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