interior protectant how often?
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Thread: interior protectant how often?

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    interior protectant how often?

    How often do you all use the protectant? If I use a microfiber towel to go over the interior every once in a while does pull the protectant off? I am trying to keep the inside clean but I also want to keep it protected. I don't want to do the protectant all the time because it has cleaners in it and my car stays clean. It is just dust and lint I like to knock off every once in awhile. What does everyone do?

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    Just dusting wont hurt anything...

    I probably use the Nxt Tech Protectant every month and a half or two, and some Quick Interior Detailer in between as needed.
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    I use #40 every 3 weeks or so, and QID for the touch ups

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    I use GC dash foam maybe every month. I will dust in between.
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