NXT Leaving oily spots?
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Thread: NXT Leaving oily spots?

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    NXT Leaving oily spots?

    Guys I walked out to my car today and was shocked, there are oily streaks and dots scattered throughout my car.
    I just waxed it yesterday.
    Can't figure out what it is, never happened before using other waxes or the car just setting out so I'm assuming it has something to do with the wax?

    Here is a link to someone else with a similar problem

    no solution, should I re-wash and do a quick wax on top?
    If I rub with a cloth the spots dissapear.
    Temp was 80's ish humidity high as always, was waxed in the shade, cool and dry.
    heres details on the process I used.
    I was just worried it was something on the paint. like fallout or something?

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    Re: NXT Leaving oily spots?

    The key with the NXT Generation Tech Wax, paste or liquid, is to make sure it dries properly. If it doesn't get enough time or is taken off to soon then it creates a blotchy look to the finish. This can also be caused by:

    To thick a wax coat- When too much is applied it tends to not dry properly because the oils in the product cannot dry properly on the surface. Simply apply a light coat in the future.

    high humidity- The mosture in the air makes it difficult for the oils in the product to dry properly. Try to do it in a dryer area.

    Cool Tempratures- Colder temprature require longer drying times. That means your wax may need longer then the standard 15 minutes.

    To remedy the situation now, wipe down and let the remaining wax dry for 30 minutes. Wipe it down and repeat this process as necessary until all the residual wax has been removed.

    From time time to time we have someone complain of streaking, or dark and light areas, (blotchy areas), and it can be a case of the paint needing to be cleaned first with a product like Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner, or second coat of the NXT Generation Tech Wax needs to be applied to give the finish an uniform look.

    Here's a thread discussing a similar situation on our forum:

    Black Car troubles
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