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    Talking 2003 MINI Cooper

    Hi to everyone. I've been a guest of the forum for the past few days and now a member. I've been busy reading and looking at all the great transformation pictures of other members. There's a lot of great information here... so little time.

    I decided to sign up for the Sept 13, Wednesday night class to learn more about detailing and find out which products best to use.

    I'll be bringing this MINI Cooper next week. I really wanted expert advice on what product to use on the vehicle. I've clayed the car so far and I'm pretty happy that it's very smooth. The problem is/are the swirls. The car has never been polished in its life. I've only waxed it with gold class after claying it. (by hand). I'm also interested in acquiring a porter cable 7424/g100 soon.

    Here's a few pics of before shots. Hopefully after Wednesday, I'll have afters...

    You guys are welcome to give me advice (actually I insist) on what products would be best suited for this car. Thanks in advance.

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    Looks like a good job for a G-100.

    Give a browse over at autodetailingsolutions.com (ADS). Rick has good prices on some G-100 packages there, and pads, and whatnot. They are pretty good prices overall, so just keep them in mind as you are browsing and buying.

    As far as products and procedures, here are a few links in case you havent seen them. Be sure to understand them more than anything.

    Meguiar's 5-Step Paint Care Cycle

    Step 1 Wash

    Step 2 Clean

    Step 3 Polish

    Step 4 Protect

    Step 5 Maintain

    Suggested Products for Taking Care of a New Car

    What it Means to Remove a Scratch

    How To Remove Swirls By Hand

    How to remove a defect by hand with ScratchX

    Recommended Products - G100a Dual Action Polisher

    Using the G-100 to remove swirls with the Professional Line

    And honestly, go to either ADS or showcargarage.com and order the How-To DVD from Mike Phillips and Richard Lin. Great stuff on it, really great.
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    Thanks for the reply. I've been reading a lot of these threads the past few days. wheww.. it's a lot of information. I'm just confused with all the products that are available. There are so many.

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