Wax Adhesion vs. Filling
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Thread: Wax Adhesion vs. Filling

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    Wax Adhesion vs. Filling

    This might get rather confusing - so please stay with me as I TRY to get my points and questions across without looking like a fool...

    The paint finish on our cars, from what I understand, is not 100% true and smooth - ie, under a strong microscope it would look porous and uneven. In reference to this point, can we ever REALLY provide a protective layer of wax that will completely envelope our finish?

    Will the wax just fill the low spots and leave the highest "peaks" exposed to the elements?

    I would think this fact actually HELPS our finishes look better, as I would think getting a coat of wax or sealant to stick to a truely smooth and non-porous finish might be a real pain. Sure, it might go on nice and smooth, but in removing the wax after it dries I would think you would remove most if not all - being that there wouldn't be any place for the wax to actually adhere to.

    Alright, my basic point and question is this: Are the extreme "highs" in our paint finish always exposed to the elements? Does the wax/sealant we apply adhere to those areas equally as well? What does a typical paint finish look like, under a microscope, before AND after a typical two-coat layering of a good wax/sealant?

    Anyway, I was just wondering about this - and was hoping Mike had some input. Granted he is probably just going to chime in and post links that answer my wonderings anyway...
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    Re: Wax Adhesion vs. Filling

    Great questions.

    You do leave a coating of wax or paint protectant, (for all you people hung-up on the word "wax"), on the entire surface when you apply a coat of a quality car wax to a finish that has been properly prepared to accept the wax.

    Pretty sure the laws of physics will mean that the wax on the highest points on the surface will wear off faster then the lower points below the surface level. This is why waxing your car is a maintenance procedure, proper car care means re-applying wax periodically to replace wax that has worn off.

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