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    Rough paint

    I just bought a 97 peugeot 406 (I am a American living in England) and the paint has a sandpaperish feel on the hood,top and trunk (in the UK bonnet and boot) myself I think it has been repainted and the finish hasn't been rubbed out. I waxed it with gold class and it shines like new, but the finish has me a bit bothered. By the way it is a bright metallic red paint. My question is is there any products that can cure the problem I have???

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    Re: Rough paint

    My first guess would be to use CLAY on the rough areas. But, I'm not an expert and it's only my suggestion. Even if it doesn't work, it can't hurt it if done properly. Being a '97, it could use clay anyway.

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    Re: Rough paint

    yup, you should try to do those parts with a clay bar and see what happens. if that doesn't work, then you'll have to go to more aggressive methods like compounding and even wet sanding; depending if the guy who did the job did sand or not the car.

    In case you need to wet sand and compound the paint, be sure to be familiar with it. here's a suggestion:

    sand it with a 1500 grit paper. if you feel that's not working fast or you need more cut, go on with a 1200 one. remember you've got to have well trained skills for this procedure.

    buff out the marks with Diamond Cut compound and a wool pad @ 1500RPM (rotary)

    polish the surface with M83(DACP) and a foam pad @1400RPM (rotary)

    if you want to leave less swirls, use M80(speed glaze) with a PC and a foam pad set at the 4.5 speed.

    wax it....

    and after that your affected parts should feel way smoother than before.

    Hope this helps

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