Stain removal pricing
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Thread: Stain removal pricing

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    Stain removal pricing

    Currently we charge $85.00 for a carpet shampoo, or $20.00 per "area" Depending on the stain, it can take a lot of time to remove. How do you all handle this?
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    Re: Stain removal pricing

    Damn I wish I could charge $85 for a carpet shampoo. I recently charged a customer $70 for rear seats, rear floor, and carge area. But then again, that was for dog vomit and **** cleanup so I hope you realize you are in a good area.
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    Re: Stain removal pricing

    All work done in a detail business should be based on your hourly rate which is what you charge per hour to do any work in the shop, with, of course, an hourly minimum, in my opinion.

    You add up all your expenses, fixed and variable, plus what you want to make per month out of the business including not only salary but health insurance premiums; sick leave, vacation time, retirement and a profit of 10% minimum. If you business does not make a profit you have a job, not a business, and you divide by the number of hours you can work per month. For example, 5 days a week, 8 hour a day is 217 hours per month. You divide this by your total expenses and you have a minimum hourly charge.

    If the market will bear more, then charge more, but never, never post prices. You have to have an hourly rate and you have to estimate the job.

    Bud Abraham

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