#38 Trim Dressings vs Gold Glass Trim Detailer
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Thread: #38 Trim Dressings vs Gold Glass Trim Detailer

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    #38 Trim Dressings vs Gold Glass Trim Detailer

    I love Megs Gold Class Trim Detailer. I used it all the time on my boat trim and car trim. I have also heard great things about Megs #38 Trim Detailer.

    Are these two products the same???? I have found a local body shop supplier than can get me Megs products in bulk. I was thinking of picking up a quart of #38 but am not sure if it is the same as GC.

    Any ideas???

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    I have both and like both... I just started to use #38 and like it more over the GC. The #38 seems to apply easier and leave a more consistant looking finish. To me the #38 leaves a "richer" looking finish over the more "plasticy" looking finish of GC trim detailer. They both seem to last the same. Both are great products but if you use alot go with the #38! Just my opinion!

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    I've used both and would say that thet are not the same, but they're so close that you couldn't reaaly tell a difference, but you can tell a huge difference in size ( #38 comes in a much larger bottle! ) I wouldn't hessate to switch .
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    I have to agree with the others. Though I have both, I slightly prefer the #38. It leaves a long lasting finish! Plus, I have found so many uses for the product.

    Recently, I detailed my travel trailer and found some of the Vinyl letters were starting to fade. So I tried #38 and the letters turned out great!!


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    I also find #38 looks a little better, more of a sheen vs GC's shine. However, one difference that's important to me is that the #38 says it has antiozonants and UV blockers. GC Trim Detailer says no such thing on it.

    Edit: #38 only mentions antiozonants, not UV blockers
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    Both the Gold Class Trim Detailer and the #38 Tire and Trim Dressing Gel contain Antiozonants and UV blockers.

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