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    Hyper Wash

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to give my two cents about this product as it is the first time that I have used it. I wanted to try this wash shampoo for a while but could not justify 20 dollar for one gallon in case I did not like it. All I can say is WOW this is a great shampoo Very rich and long lasting foam with very good lubricity. I got a sample bottle from ADS to tryout so I filled a bucket with about 4 gallons of water and poured in about 3/4 to one ounce of the hyper wash then hit the bucket with the hose to mix in the shampoo and like I said I was rewarded with very rich suds that lasted for the entire wash of my 99 F150 including wheels and tires.

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    Re: Hyper Wash

    Thanks for sharing your real-life experience so that others will know what to expect. Hyper-Wash is a very high sudsing cleaning soap, the suds won't let you down.
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    Re: Hyper Wash

    I'll have to try some. Thanks.
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