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View Poll Results: Do you walk out of an auto part store empty handed?

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  • Always buy something that relates to a car

    79 40.72%
  • Buy anything that you can get your hands on

    11 5.67%
  • Just cleaning supplies

    53 27.32%
  • Nothing at all

    51 26.29%
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Thread: You and auto part stores

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    Re: You and auto part stores

    This is a bad question!! LOL I never walk into one UNLESS I NEED SOMETHING, thus I always walk out with something I guess...

    BTW, "Final Inspection" IS THE BOMB... I use it on my motorcycle.
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    Re: You and auto part stores

    yup, like Jeff said, I dont go into the auto parts store unless I am specifically looking for at least one thing. I will leave empty-handed if they dont have the product I am specifically looking for (like some might not have M07 or #26), but since I usually only go to the few stores I know carry what I want, I usually leave with what I came in for and likely a couple of extras (often more MFs, etc).
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    Re: You and auto part stores

    Quote Originally Posted by Cobalt2006 View Post
    Do you walk out of a auto part store empty handed? Every time I go to a store that has to do with cars I need to buy something for it. Like cleaning supplies, new mats, air freshners even decals.
    Yup, and I even by parts there too!

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    Re: You and auto part stores

    I buy cleaning supplies most of the time. Sometimes the stuff they stock is pretty good. Especially Lucas Oil fluids (Synth oil suppliment, oil treatment, gas treatment, etc). And I like having them order parts...they get parts insanely faster than ordering parts online myself.

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    Re: You and auto part stores

    Very often I will walk out empty handed. Mainly because most Canadian auto parts stores do not a deep enough line of Meguiars products

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