Stone Chips On My Roof!! - Langka?
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Thread: Stone Chips On My Roof!! - Langka?

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    Stone Chips On My Roof!! - Langka?

    Stone Chips! Yea, we all get them.

    I've always ordered touch-up paint (bc/cc) from the dealer when I buy a new car, but I have never been pleased with the end result when using to paint/repair a stone chip.

    I've read about how to do small paint repairs with wet sanding, polishing, etc., but don't want to learn on a new car.

    So this brings me to this question: Has anyone tried this stuff called Langka?

    I'm sure the results of the Langka process may not be as perfect as a real professional paint touch-up/repair by a body shop, but if it does as it says, it may be worth a try. At least it may be better than a blob of touch-up paint on the surface. Also, just thinking, would going over it with DACP with a PC help even further to hide the blemish?

    If you know anything about this product or have tried it, please post your thoughts/results!

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    A friend tried langka and said it didn't work real well, especially with pearls of mica's. The best thing to do yourself is go to a paint and body store and get a good bottle of touch up paint (dealer touchup paint for my car is about 30 shades off). Then the trick is to get a tiny tiny little bit of paint on the brush and let it gum up a little bit then very carefully work it up, then after letting it cure for 24 hours go back over it with a rotary buffer and take it down level with the rest of the paint.

    Alternately you might try and find an expert air brush toucher in your area. Someone who's good at this can produce incredible results on scratches. I had a car that had been keyed (not mine), a little in to the clear and a little in to the base coat, which after being professionally air brush touched and then buffed you could not tell it had been keyed. IT made the difference of making a so so exterior car look good. I just bought a car here today that needs it, I will try and get some pictures, bother me for them.

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