Will #83 be enough to fix scuffs?
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Thread: Will #83 be enough to fix scuffs?

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    Will #83 be enough to fix scuffs?

    I picked up a new 99 Eclipse GSX project. I don't think I've ever seen a car with this many scratches before. Would #83 be enough to save this or will I have to step things up a bit or ... even get a new clearcoat?


    The rest of the car looks like this:

    The worst of it is this:

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    Re: Will #83 be enough to fix scuffs?

    I've removed scuffs like that from my grandmas maxima with just using #80 and a bit of #83 on one part. So it just depends on the paint hardness. can you feel the scratches? if not there is definitely a chance you can remove them.

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    Re: Will #83 be enough to fix scuffs?

    Test Spot!!!

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    Re: Will #83 be enough to fix scuffs?

    It definitely depends on the hardness of the paint. I just did a black lexus yesterday that had scratches and swirls all over the place. Even had some pretty bad scuffs on the left rear bumper. I used 80 over the whole car with a DA, but first used 83 on the scuffs and major scratch area, came out looking amazing. Just make sure that when using 80 you really put some effort behind it. Go slow, overlap 50% and make sure to add pressure, and you should get really good results. 80 and 83 are both amazing products and if used correctly should give you a great result.
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