Cleaning towels, MF and pads
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Thread: Cleaning towels, MF and pads

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    Cleaning towels, MF and pads

    I am sort of in information overload, I've read some much stuff lately, ,but I think I read that you can/should wash all of your towels, pads etc together.
    Did I actually read that or just dream it?
    Is this a good idea?
    Does it matter what product was being used ?

    If my memory serves me, I also read to wash with gentle detergent like woolite. Would it be a good idea to then wash again with no detergent or would that be overkill?

    My first introduction to MF was a couple of years ago with a 7" X 6" 3M lens cleaning cloth. It worked great on my glasses wet or dry. Problem is now, that I've never cleaned it and it shows (although) still works for my glasses), but I can't see doing a "load" of laundry with only a 7X6 MF cloth and I am afraid if I throw it in with regular towels, I'll forget and use a dryer sheet.

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    Re: Cleaning towels, MF and pads

    I wash all my buffer pads by hand with Joy.

    I wash all my Cotton towels together, then my MF towels together.

    I use liquid tide with HOT water in the washer.
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    Re: Cleaning towels, MF and pads

    Grab a bucket, fill it with warm/hot water. Put in dish soap and mix it well. Drop in your pads and let them soak up for a few hours then blast them clean with the hose. If there is product caked on then use a toothbrush. Don't use something really stiff because you can rip apart your pad. Dont do this for your towels!!!
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    Re: Cleaning towels, MF and pads

    I'm a newbie, and like you have read so much that I get things crossed up from time to time. One thing I've noticed is that the MF and Water Magnet towels say not to use fabric softener. So that alone would cause me to wash them together, 'cause I want some softener on my bath and face towels, but not on my car finish.

    I've got some of the small terricloth towels for the rough stuff--door jams, wheels, etc. Those I'll probably do separately in hot water just to get them clean. I think they'd do fine in the mini-basket of my washer, along with pads in a washer bag.

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    Re: Cleaning towels, MF and pads

    i have a few ways.

    My pads.

    First i have them on my PC, turn it on while holding a terry towel against the pad to get as much of the product off as possible. sometimes i even take a soft bristle tooth brush and use that to get the big chunks out if any at all.

    I spray with APC 10:1 and then let them soak for 10 minutes. then place them in a bucket with warm-hot water and let them sit for 10-20 minutes.

    then rinse in clean bucket and presto done.


    those that touch the paint go in a seperate wash.

    those that are used for wheels go in a seperate wash.

    those that are used for underbody, wheel wells go in a seperate wash.

    my MF's for wheels and tyres go in a seperate wash.

    then my Water Magnet go in a seperate wash.

    all warm water with High Efficency Tide and that does the trick.

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