After you register with pretty much ANY discussion forum, you are sent a

Confirmation E-mail

In order to finish your registration you must locate this e-mail, (your job), and then open it and the click the link inside of it that confirms that you really are a real person using a valid e-mail address.

Then your account will be approved.

If you don't do the above your account sits in a folder called,

"Users awaiting e-mail confirmation"

We will send you and e-mail with a link to this thread which explains with text and pictures that after you hit the "Submit" button to register with this forum the next screen on your computer told you that you will be sent a confirmation e-mail and you must open it and confirm your account.

It is this process that insures real people with real e-mail addresses are joining the forum.

After we send you the courtesy e-mail letting you know you have not done the confirmation step we will move your pending account into another folder to hold it for about a week and if you never confirm your account then we delete it as we can't just let these pending accounts pile up for eternity.

If you're reading this because this link was sent to you in an e-mail then you need to look inside your in-box, or possibly a Spam or Junk mail folder to see if your e-mail software or your ISP placed the confirmation in one of these folders or contact myself directly via e-mail and I can manually confirm you.

Thank you....