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Thread: Have you been always using Meguiar's and why?

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    Re: Have you been always using Meguiar's and why?

    Just to add about "Meguiar" vs "Meguiar's"...don't remember if it was Mike Phillips or Mike Stoops that said it, but "Meguiar" was a brother (? or another relation) of Barry Meguiar and started his own company.

    During the 70's, I remember seeing the "Meguiar" products at quite a few car shows, even had a sticker from them. It was unique, had a/an armored helmet (like old England) in the logo.


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    Re: Have you been always using Meguiar's and why?

    Quote Originally Posted by Old Fart View Post
    WOW BILL!!!! Your memory is sharper than mine. I can barely remember the year I started using the product. I only remember the year because I first used the product on a 1972 G.M. car that I had just purchased.

    This product came in a smallish greenish bottle and was rectangular in shape and was not very deep (thick).

    Are we still thinking of the same product???
    Sounds familiar, except I remember the bottle being black. I remember the year well, as I had just had a fresh repaint done over Labor Day weekend on my '67 Malibu that I rebuilt from a total. My uncle, the painter, didn't trust me with a rotary, so he gave me a couple sheets of 600 paper, a can of Dupont compound and some instructions on color sanding and rubbing out the fresh paint by HAND. His instructions also included "no wax for 6 months". After that excruciating process was done, I wanted a product to give it more gloss that had no wax content. The Competition Finish was recommended to me by my local parts store/ paint supplier as a fresh paint-safe glaze.
    Here's a pic of the car after I finished it.


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    Re: Have you been always using Meguiar's and why?

    Over years I used SONAX polish products - after getting in touch with meguiars I loved the gloss - and - very important - I understood how to work with the different products in combination - maybe SONAX is also a great product line, but for me meguiars is much more easy to understand and so to use ...

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