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  • 3M

    28 15.64%
  • Black Magic

    22 12.29%
  • Eagle One

    25 13.97%
  • Klasse

    16 8.94%
  • Menzerna

    17 9.50%
  • Mothers

    42 23.46%
  • Optimum

    16 8.94%
  • Turtle

    36 20.11%
  • Wolfgang

    6 3.35%
  • Zaino

    9 5.03%
  • Zymol

    17 9.50%
  • Other (Please Describe)

    39 21.79%
  • None. I have always been a Meguiar's devotee

    74 41.34%
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Thread: Have you been always using Meguiar's and why?

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    Re: Have you been always using Meguiar's and why?

    I have tried numerous different products on details in the past. I do not I am talking out of school here, to say that there are many nice products out there besides Meguiars. With that said, I focus primarily on Meguiars due to the inherent value of their products compared to more expensive brands, an excellent online community, and superb customer service.

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    Re: Have you been always using Meguiar's and why?

    Wow... I just read this entire thread and am amazed at some of the great stories. In particular... Mike Stoops and Mosca... great posts guys! I think Mike might want to venture over to that other forum and set up another clinic... they seem to have forgotten! LOL

    Mosca... I think everyone can serve to learn a lot from your post. Great info dude!

    For me... I got my first car when I just turned 18. I remember going to the dealership body shop and asking one of the guys "what is the best wax I can use on my new car", to which he replied... "Meguiars".

    So that was back in 1990 and I started using Meg's. Like Mike Stoops wrote, initially my technique left a lot to be desired and while I've improved, I'm sure I still have much to learn from the pros. However, in the 18 years since, I've tried every OTC competitor to Megs and many boutique brands.

    The one thing I have truly noticed is that the boutique brands consistently outperform Meguiars in terms of price! LOL Why buy some NXT 2.0, when I can get some Vintage for two grand!!!

    All kidding aside, I'm sure there are plenty of competent products out there that do what they are intended to do, but in my 18 years of car care (as a hobby), I have never seen products that consistently perform the way Meguiar's does. Meg's is not the only stuff in my arsenal, but accounts for about 98% of my products and that works for me.

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    Re: Have you been always using Meguiar's and why?

    what got me into this..is the man himself......his energy , his carisma, you can tell that he is a great guy.....if he sold crack i would be a crackhead....love the guy and also the products are awsome, i can detail my cars whenever i want as many times as i want without burning a hole in my pocket like other products.....please foward this to the man........

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    Thumbs up Re: Have you been always using Meguiar's and why?

    Not always. When I was in High School, some big mouth, hot shot, know-it-all kept talking about Meguiars. I had been using Turtle Wax and dishwashing liquid at the time on my 1969 Plymouth VIP. Well turns out this know-it-all knew something! Since then I have only veered away from Meguiars for those "promise the moon" products. Guess what, they never worked like Meguirs. So now that I'm in my 40s and a bit smarter, I have learned my lesson and will never, ever use anything but Meguirs again. Anything else is snake oil!

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    Re: Have you been always using Meguiar's and why?

    I started like any other kids in my neighbourhood. We reached for OTC products like Soft99, Armor All, TurtleWax, Amway, etc. Not really knowing things like wax, polish, rubbing compound, cleaner wax, - we just grab what people are talking about and tried them out.

    As a kid, I always had an itch to clean cars; I just hated dirty cars, all my family's car are cleaned by me. So working primarily on single stage cars, I tried so many products and wasted so much money and I always ended up not being satisfied. I remember a period of time where I painted my corolla black and used a cleaner wax (soft99) and thought it was great - getting uneven patches and rubbing marks from rags being used to polish the paint. Swirls were also thought to be a normal thing

    The worse part, I didnt know where to get help. Yes, instruction on the back did gave me some help but things like MF, QDs, claying, RBs, DAs were unknown to me.

    All those products were not giving me satisfactory results. I knew the brand Meguiars since 2005 but did not really focused on them. Autoglym, TurtleWax and Zymol was always popular around the car wash companies around here but I always get more satisfaction from cleaning my own car rather than sending it to them.

    Long story short, after 10years of finding the best product, here I am. What more can you ask; great quality products, great support and I got the chance to get to know more people especially in MOL.

    Maybe my addiction in detailing cars can be turned into a career.
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    Re: Have you been always using Meguiar's and why?

    I use only meguiars products because I'm learning detailing in the forum so I have loyalty to Meguiar's.


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    Exclamation Re: Have you been always using Meguiar's and why?

    I only use Meguiar's.

    I used to use:
    -Armor All
    -Eagle One
    -Turtle Wax

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    Re: Have you been always using Meguiar's and why?

    95% of my detailing products are Meguiars.

    In late 2006 i tried Gold Class Wash, quik detailer, and #26.

    Thats when i did some researching on the computer and found the Meguiars website, after that i started buying more Meguiars products to maintain our personal vechiles

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    Re: Have you been always using Meguiar's and why?

    I would say alot of my products are Meguiars (with good reason, they do exactly what they say and have always impressed me), but i used to use Autoglym which is probably the widest and most common products and very easily available in England. Autoglym was used as Meguiars is still probably considered relatively new over here but i do think its expanding. I am always into testing other products just to compare and see what innovations are taking place. I Recently used 3M Fast Cut + before #105 exsisted and it performed outstandingly. We are expecting #205 over here soon and some of the pro's on Detailing World have sample already and looks to be keen competition for the likes of 3M and Menzerna. Some product dissapointment have been Black Wow for me, the tyre dye is very good but the trim dye is to be said much less than this, this is the next product i am going to try for trim (which has proved to last beyond 6 months in testing), another of intrest to me is Zaino ZFX which allows multiple layers to be applied very quickly in ideal conditions.
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    Re: Have you been always using Meguiar's and why?

    I was never really into detailing until I attended my first Meguiar's class, so I didn't really use any products except for Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash.

    But ever since this man drew on my car back in 2004 it's been Meguiar's for life!

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