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    Hello from Northern VA

    Hi all,

    My name is MBA-J, and I recently became OCD about thoroughly cleaning my automobiles before the winter season kicked in here in Northen VA. After getting recommendations from my dad, as well as reading these forums as a guest, I decided to get the Deep Crystal 3-step and perform it back in December. Man oh man!!! What a difference this process made to my red Honda Accord and my green Honda Passport! So when the weather made a change for the better last weekend, I did my first clay bar shaving, tried Meguiars Scratch X, then #7, then NXT 2.0! WOOOWWWWW!!!! I guess I'm getting Car Crazy! LOL

    I'll be the type of member that asks questions more than provide answers, as I'm not a professional, just a weekender who takes care of my cars and my girlfriend's car. Nevertheless, I am THOROUGHLY impressed by the quality of the Meguiar's products, and I look forward to learning more about them through this forum!

    Thanks all,


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    Re: Hello from Northern VA

    Hey J,

    Welcome to MOL!

    You will find everything you need here to maintain that WOW factor you are now experiencing. Everyone here is always ready to help with any issues you may have regarding your vehicles finish or interior.

    Keeping MOL family friendly! If you need help or have a question, don't hesitate to shoot me an email or PM. 101impala@gmail.com
    Andy M. Moderator

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    Re: Hello from Northern VA

    Welcome to Meguiar's! I just take care of my and my wifes car, but be forewarned, this site can be dangerous to your wallet. There are so many great products to use and test with different combinations. You can't help yourself!!

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