How to write a great subject for your message!

Here's a friendly tip...

When writing the "Subject" for your message, try to include in the sentence the main idea of your message, or the meat of your message.

For example if you're asking a question about whether ScratchX adds wax protection or not, a great "Subject Sentence" would be,

Does ScratchX add any protection?

See how the subject tells you specifically what the message is going to be about? You know if you click on the message what it's going to be about. This helps you if you're going to answer the question or if you're interested in the answer.

Here are some examples of less than good examples of subject sentences for the same topic, (Whether ScratchX adds protection or not?)
  • Quick Question?
  • ScratchX?
  • Just wondering?
  • Paint Cleaners
  • New here...
Get the idea? Sometimes a few key words can paint a more clear and complete message to your reader.

Don't feel bad if you find it hard to write a good subject sentences, it's actually hard to do as it's like writing ad copy, that is using the least amount of words to capture your audiences attention and to get your idea across to your reader's mind. Great copywriters make top dollar in the advertising world because they can make their employers money by getting their employers message read and hopefully acted upon.

As you read the forum, pay attention to the subject sentence and then after reading the first message, check to see if the subject does a good job of telling the reader what the message is really about.

Remember, this is just a friendly tip... a tip you can use on any forum that may actually help you to get a better answer faster.


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