APC Vs. Super Degreaser
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Thread: APC Vs. Super Degreaser

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    APC Vs. Super Degreaser

    Hello eveyone! I have browsed the site a lot and love it so I made and account and here I'am.

    I have a question about what to buy, APC or Super degreaser. I have a 1998 z71 pickup that I have had for a long time and baby it. It has 80,000 miles on it. But I what to detail the engine bay but I dont know what to buy APC or Super degreaser. It dose not have a lot of build up on it. Very minamal. I want to use this product in the engine bay and wheel wells and tires and rims. Will the APC be enough to cut through minor grease, brake dust ect.? Is the APC ok for rubber, Alummium and pastic?

    Thanks in advance for the reply!!

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    Re: APC Vs. Super Degreaser

    From what you are describing, I would suggest you purchase APC. You can dilute the product to fit your needs. For your engine bay you can always use a soft bristle brush to loosen any extra dirt.
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    Re: APC Vs. Super Degreaser

    Since this thread is a duplicate, I will close this thread so people can answer to the one thread.

    Please do not double post. Thanks!


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