Still fighting the cobwebs!
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Thread: Still fighting the cobwebs!

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    Still fighting the cobwebs!

    I have had limited success removing swirls or cobwebs from the hood of our 96 Polo Green Corvette. I have used #83 followed by NXT, but when the sun reflects at just the right angle it looks like millions of super fine scratches running front to rear on the hood. We had to have the hood and nose repainted two years ago after meeting a road painting crew. Could it be these lines I am seeing are under the clearcoat? I see no sign of the same type of scratches on any other surface of the car.

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    Hi duckvett,

    Sounds like either the problem is in the clear, as in it could be that the paint has shrunk back into the prep-work scratches, or it's time for a rotary buffer.

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    I would definitely agree with Mike and his hunch that it may be in the paint and thus, there's little to nothing that can be done about it (short of a new paint job). It seems odd that you'd only have it in the area that you have had repainted and not elsewhere... Too much of a correlation there in my opinion.

    Do you have a paint shop around there that could evaluate your condition? Personally, I'd avoid where you had it painted as they may have a tendency to say that it wasn't on their end.


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