Buying a buffer and DA polisher
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Thread: Buying a buffer and DA polisher

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    Buying a buffer and DA polisher

    I thought about buying the startup kit from ADS... but that doesn't include the buffer and it also has a lot of basic products that I have plenty of. I havn't completely tossed that idea out, just wanna see what my other options might be.

    I'm wondering what you guys would suggest for start up equipment and products for cutting and polishing.

    All I really have right now for cutting or polishing is some turtle wax rubbing compound and polishing compound and the gel coat restoration pack from Meguiars for boats (I borrowed someone's buffer and bought a wool pad for it to do one boat).

    What would you guys recommend?

    It looks like some pads and plates could be used for both, and I'd like to have the basics to cover me for the more common needs of professional detailing.

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    Re: Buying a buffer and DA polisher

    You are looking at the Startup Package #6?

    It has a G110, and a lot of the Professional Line products to use with it. Of course could add more, or look at some of the other G110 packages.
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