deep crystal and NXT wax
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Thread: deep crystal and NXT wax

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    deep crystal and NXT wax

    Yesterday i spoke with a rep from meguiar's. My paint job is 13yr's old and he pointed me in the direction of these products for the best treatment. Deep Crystal paint cleaner, Deep Crystal Paint polish, and NXT 2.0 wax. i just purchased them all last night at a local auto parts store. My question lies with this. I just clay bared my whole car and waxed my car with meguiar's smooth surface clay kit and basic Meguiar's cleaner wax last sunday (07/13/2008). i would like to remove that wax so i can start with a clean slate for the new products. I also bought Duplicolor 2 in 1 touch up paint for some small chips and scratches that i have. What is the best way to remove the old wax? and after it has been removed, can i apply the touch up paint and after it had fully dried then use the Deep Crstal paint cleaner, Deep Crystal paint polish, and NXT 2.0 Wax? Thanks in advance for any replies, Jay Also i was reading on the back of the Deep Crystal bottles and both say to wipe on then wipe off immediatley, why is that?

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    Re: deep crystal and NXT wax

    The DC#1 paint cleaner will remove the old wax. Only waxes need to dry...not cleaners or polishes. If you let them dry, they are a PITA to remove.
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    Re: deep crystal and NXT wax

    Hiya, to remove the wax use a mix of APC (all purpose cleaner, supermarket ones will do) can use with shampoo i would imagine, this will strip wax off. Touch ups can be carried out and as long as the product is not too agressive shouldnt remove the paint touched up,

    Deep Crystal (DC1) paint cleaner and Polish (DC2), are not meant to cure like waxes are as they provide no benefit for being left on, however leaving waxes to cure such as Nxt is how you will know it is ready to come off. Work DC1/2 to a dry buff the are awkaward to get off, nxt will not be.

    Hope this helped

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