Hey, how is your mobile car wash business going? Did it work out? I think it would be cool to see your progress and find out from you what worked and what didn't.

I would also suggest a few things when having a mobile car wash business.

1. Get a real email address, you can buy one with Google Domains for $12/year(domain) and $5/month(email address)

2. Have a business license and insurance

3. Set up in a parking lot with permission from owner (May require insurance)

4. Set up a sign pointing to where you are set up

5. Set up in a parking lot of a business office where people can go into work and just leave the keys with you till the end of the day or till lunch time where they can pick up their keys and car all washed without doing anything

6. Add your business to a listing like www.zipmobilecarwash.com (Zip Mobile Car Wash) so you can have customers find you and know where you are at

7. Give referral discounts

8. Use good products like Meguiar's so you don't ruin someone's car with cheap stuff

This is what i would recommend to get your business off the ground. Once you are set up, they will come to you. License and Insurance is probably the hardest part but well worth the time in getting it.

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Well to sum it all up, i quit my stuiped job (at a grocery store) to do detailing. I have one guy thats pretty steady with cars each week. But what are some good stragadies to get a detailing business booming and have a good amount of customers each week? I did craigs list but what else have you guys done?