In this tutorial, I will show you how to quickly and easily add a border to a picture in Adobe Photoshop.

Here is the picture I will be using.

Step One

Open up your picture (Ctrl + O).

Step Two

Go to Select --> All (Ctrl + A). This will select the entire picture so you add the border to the whole picture.

Step Three

Go to Edit --> Stroke.

Step Four

The "Stroke" dialog box will pop up.

Width- How wide, in pixels, your border will be.

Color- What color you want your border to be.

Location- Choose "Inside" so it will not change the dimensions of your picture.

Mode- Leave it on Normal

Opacity- How opaqe you want your border to be. Leave it at 100% for a completely black border.

Click OK when you are done to move on.

Step Five

Go to Select --> Deselect (Ctrl +D). This will remove the selection.

Step Six

Go to File --> Save As... (Shift + Ctrl + S).

Remember: Make sure when you go to save the file, use the "Save As..." option to rename your picture. This will prevent you from saving over your original copy of the picture. If you do, there is no fixing it. Here's a tip: When I edit a picture, I like to copy the original and edit the copy so if something like that does happen, I did not ruin the original picture!

Written by Tyler Clegg (roushtage2) for Meguiar's Online Forums. If you find any errors, please let me know so that I can get them fixed! Thanks!